Observatory of a Transforming World and Lab to Experiment New Ideas for Future Technologies, Digital Trends and Disruptive Technologies

Entering the era of the Fourth industrial revolution, characterized by the leading role of digital technologies and with the addition of the rapid developments in the biotechnology we are presented with challenges. At the same time we are about to explore a vast number of life changing and paradigm shifting opportunities.


TFF is trying to address the fragmented approach towards these new developments. We bring together specialists of diverse fields creating a holistic approach aiming at qualitative and quantitative results giving responses to major ethical, governance and regulatory challenges. We observe new trends in disruptive sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Supercomputers and manufacturing technologies like 3D printing and we are working to create distributive mechanisms of the profits of this revolution while creating a safety net for the ones left behind.

Our approach is to bring together government institutions, academics and stakeholders identifying the need for action, be it regulatory or otherwise. Afterwards, we communicate and distribute the outcome of our work through digital hubs, aiming especially geographies and demographics that have been lagging behind so as to engage local communities and entrepreneurial, educational and regional clusters.

Supporting Creative Industries and Science Technologies in Arts

Europe's capacity to compete in the global market will depend on its capacity to convert scientific and technological knowledge into innovative products and services; even more, the appeal of Europe will strongly depend on how its regions can conceive an inspiring, motivating, and future-oriented environment for its citizens. The transformation of society by digital technologies is creating opportunities for Europe that a joint effort between the Arts and technology could help fully exploit. In the digital world, Europe can stake a claim on leadership in way of living and in those elements of the digital revolution that most depend on creativity, that is, broadly in 'content'. A committed partnership between arts and technology can make this claim a reality in areas as diverse as social inclusion, new digital media (augmented reality, new media like social media, etc.) urban development (smart cities, Internet of things etc.) or future of mobility.

An enhanced collaboration between art and technology would not only stimulate innovation and thereby enhance the competitiveness of Europe; it would also help unleash creativity in our society and in European regions.

In TFF we explore the interconnection between the arts and the industrial and scientific world. The focus is on developing a coherent horizontal framework for ‘art-technology’ thinking in Europe across sectors and disciplines as well as across pertinent activities of stakeholders.

Disrupt the Disruptors

In the era of digital innovation a lot of incumbent industries and traditional business models have been disrupted by new innovative ideas. Over the last years people need to retrain and acquire new skills so as to be able to be competitive in this everchanging professional environment. At the same time corporations are taking advantage of private data with close to zero accountability. These changes happened with minimal regard to the citizen and the leaving millions unprotected and ill prepared.

To counter this situation we need to be able to positively disrupt the disruptor. WFF aims to unlock innovation with a positive impact to society. In order to do so we are starting a new initiative monitoring variety of disciplines, focusing on law during the digital era, the governance of data and the impact of the digital revolution on the future of work.

Our approach focuses on sectors that have been mostly affected by the advancement of new technologies that undermines the rights of the citizens and the creators alike.

Starting by identifying the problem we are working to provide with sustainable solutions using cutting edge technologies and balancing the societal effect of the tech revolution. We aim to bring disruption in the way the existing monopolies operate. Using DLT technology we are working to change the way Data is being handled, incentivisating the creation of Blockhain Platforms that will instantly reward the participants for their data, giving them at the same time control over it.

Furthermore, we are exploring the possibilities of decentralisation of the copyright and audiovisual industry using blockchain powered solutions to manage copyright clearing, rewarding creators for their work and content created and viewed online and setting the basis for an audiovisual licences distributions system.

Lastly, the most ambitious project of this action would be the reimagination of work for the digital Era. As part of its course of action it will make a call of Idea papers on the implications of Disruptive Trends looking at possible key uncertainties surrounding the future of work and resulting in concrete guidelines for policy makers and questions to reflect upon. Our primary focus is the rehabilitation of the workforce in this digital era. We plan to provide with workshops and educational programs to enhance digital literacy. At the same time we plan to elaborate on a plan to reform the unemployment benefits system for the 21st century, tokenizing voluntary work and rewarding it via virtual currencies.

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